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 Clan Members

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PostSubject: Clan Members   Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:34 am

Clan Members of <LDR>
What do they play? Team= first to call for a battle

<LDR>CL_ ArnGrim Rocket
<LDR>CCL_Raiden Engy
<LDR>CCL_Dioxus Sniper/Rocket
<LDR>EU-3_Jak Engy
<LDR>RU-5_Magicalme Grunt
<LDR>RU-5_Smallfool Rocket
<LDR>RU-5_Sasquatch Grunt
<LDR>RU-4_Starscream Grunt
<LDR>RU-2_D.O.A Rocket
<LDR>RU-2_Ghosty Sniper
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Clan Members
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